Cogie Chihuahuas

Cogie Chihuahuas is home to top BIS/BISS Grand Champion Chihuahuas of excellence top-ranked since 2009.

2009 Show News!

Dec 2009 - Orangeville - Leilou earns her Canadian Championship going Best of Breed for 2 points and Winners for another 2 points; Petey earns his Canadian Championship with 2 more points for Best of Winners 2 days running; First show out Einstein earns 1 point for Winners and 3 points for Best of Winners/Best of Breed; Cricket goes Best of Breed both days.

Nov 2009 - Ottawa - Phoebee and Sexy earn their Canadian Championship; Petey earns 2 more points; Peepers earns 2 more points; Didi wins her class; and Jackson goes Best of Breed both days.

Nov 2009 - Syracuse, New York - Becky earns her American Championship going Best of Winners and Winners for a total of 8 points; Jackson goes Best of Winners for 3 points; Rocco goes first in his class

Nov 2009 - Montreal - Megan wins Best Junior Handler in Show, way to go Megan!, Victor earns his Canadian championship, Cricket goes Best of Breed 2 days running, Petey earns 2 points and Bianca earns 2 points.

October 2009 - Belleville - Cricket goes Best of Breed 3 days running, Elly goes Best of Breed, Peepers earns 2 points, Leilou earns 2 points, Phoebee earns 2 points, Petey earns 1 point and Victor earns 3 points.

October 2009 - Trout Creek - Cricket goes Group 4th, Jackson goes Group 4th and Best Puppy in Group, Leilou goes Best Puppy in Group.

September 2009 - Coniston - Megan earns Best Junior Handler, Jesse wins his class; Cricket earns a Group 3rd in the prestigious Purina Puppy Classic; his first show out Petey wins 4 points and goes Best of Opposite over 2 Specials; Victor earns 3 points; Peepers goes Winners for another point.

September 2009 - Lockport, NY - Rocco earns back-to-back majors going winners both days, Peepers goes Reserve to the 4-point major over a very tough group of dogs, Buttercup earns her first US points with a 4-point major for Winners and Becky earns a 4-point major going Best of Winners and Best of Breed the second day, Bijou earns a 3-point major going Winners and Vader goes Reserve to the major both days.

September 2009 - Cornwall - Rocco earns his Canadian Championship and goes Best of Breed one Day - Peepers goes Reserve and Victor earns his first point towards his Canadian Championship. Jackson goes Best of Breed 1 day and Sassy takes Breed 3 days. Gigi earns another 2 points towards her Championship.

August 2009 - Long Sault, Ontario - Cam's Jeepers Peepers earns 4 points including a Best of Breed and Loucan's Roc-On-Rocco earns 4 points including 2 Best Puppy in Breed wins - 2 beautiful client dogs off to a good start in earning their Canadian Championship.

Bianca earns 2 points and Gigi earns 2 points - Sassy wins a Best of Breed and Jackson earns 3 Best of Breeds.

August 2009 - Oswego, New York - Cricket earns his American Championship!! Vader goes Best of Winners for a 3-point Major, Bijou goes Winners twice for a 3-point major and 2 points and Becky goes Winners for a 3-point Major!

August 2009 - Ste. Marie de Beauce - Cricket goes group 2nd out on the road with Jacquie and Ken

July 2009 - Kingston - Vader earns his Canadian championship and Cricket goes Best of Breed 3 days running!

July 2009 - Quebec - Jackson wins Group 2nd and back-to-back Best Puppy in Group - Thanks Jacquie for handling this amazing little man for us!

July 2009 - Essex Junction, Vermont Cricket earend 2 more points towards his American Championship with a Best of Breed and Winners, Vader earned 1 US point going Winners, and Becky went Best of Breed earning 1 point.

July 2009 - Peterborough - Cricket wins Best of Breed 3 days running - Elly earns her Canadian championship and Vader earns 2 points.

June 2009 - Orono, ON - Cricket wins Best of Breed 2 days including a Group 4th! Elly wins Best of Breed 3 days for another 3 points

June 2009 - Beauport, QC -  On the road with Jacquie and Ken, Becky goes Winners Bitch and Best of Breed for a total of 4 points - she is now a Canadian Champion!

May 2009- Clayton, New York - Jackson goes Best of Winners for a 5-point major Saturday and Cricket goes Best of Winners Sunday for a 5-point major. It was a great weekend with great friends!

May 2009 - Richmond - Cricket goes Best of Breed, Jackson earns his Canadian Championship in just 2 shows and Buttercup earns her Canadian Championship in 3 shows, and Elly earns another point for Best of Winners - a great weekend all around!